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20's Plenty for Us campaign groups from across Hertfordshire have joined forces to form 20's Plenty for Hertfordshire. We are campaigning for default 20mph speed limits on all urban, village and residential roads across Hertfordshire (with exceptions where required), without the need for physical calming measures.

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support 20mph speed limits in Herts

7th April Election Candidates Invite Fac

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*Dept of Transport National Travel Attitudes Study 2019  

There is growing support for 20mph speed limits across Hertfordshire, as our recent 647 signature petition calling for default 20mph speed limits (presented to Herts County Council) has shown. Successive National Attitude Surveys* show that there is support from over 71% of the UK population for 20mph speed limits and their popularity increases even further after implementation. Did you know that there are now 21 million people in the UK who have 20mph limits where they live?

Contact 20's Plenty for Hertfordshire: herts@20splentyforus.org.uk

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