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20mph wide area motions passed
in Hertfordshire

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Parish, Town & Community Councils

District and Borough Councils

The map shows all Hertfordshire parish, town, community, borough and district councils that have already voted in favour of wide area 20mph speed limits

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Hertfordshire local councils who have already voted in
favour of wide are 20mph speed limits

Parish, Town & Community Councils

Buntingford Town Council (Nov 2020)

Little Berkhamsted Parish Council (2021)

Nettleden & Potten End Parish Council (Oct  2021)

Braughing Parish Council  (Nov 2021)

Wigginton Parish Council (Jan 2022)
Aldbury Parish Council (Jan 2022)
Westmill (March 2022)
Batchworth Community Council (March 2022)
Royston (March 2022)
Aston, Stevenage (May 2022)
Pirton  (June 2022)
St Ipolytts (Sept 2022)
Much Hadham (Sept 2022)

District & Borough Councils

St Albans City & District Council - 2021

North Herts District Council - 2021

Watford Borough Council

If you are a parish, town, district or borough councillor and would like to find out more about passing a motion in favour of wide area 20mph speed limits? The 20's Plenty for Us Council briefing sheet has lots of useful information to help you. If you have any further questions or need more advice, contact 20's Plenty for Herts we'd be happy to hear from you.

You can see Adrian Berendt's Powerpoint Presentation from our February 2022 zoom here

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