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20's Plenty for Us - National Campaign

The National 20's Plenty for Us campaign was founded in 2007 by Rod King (MBE).

It is a not-for-profit organisation formed to help communities who want a more liveable street environment where they live by setting a mandatory 20mph limit for most roads.

The campaign does not represent any particular sector of society or mode of transport

and our supporters include children, adults and the elderly. Supporters are car drivers, cyclists pedestrians and some even horse riders. There are now almost five hundred 20's Plenty Groups around the world campaigning for safer roads where people are.

The National Campaign website is full of really useful information, including:


Briefing Sheets

Blog Posts

Campaign Map

Campaign Stickers

You can use the search function to find lots of relevant articles/blog posts/briefing sheets on 20mph.

National Campaign Team:

Rod King (Founder & Campaign Director)

Anna Semylen (National Campaign Manager)


Twitter: @20splentyforus

some places in the UK who already have 20mph speed limits

Kensington & Chelsea Westminster Southend Wandsworth Tunbridge Wells Faversham Isle of Man Bristol Darlington  Cambridge Leeds Norwich Bolton Liverpool Cardiff Manchester Lancashire Middlesborough Edinburgh Greenwich Camden Brighton & Hove

Bath & NE Somerset Lancashire Calderdale Portsmouth


and around the world

The Netherlands Spain Graz (Austria) Grenoble (France) Milan (Italy) Helsinki (Finland) Zurich (Switzerland)
Lille (France) Bilbao (Spain) Ottawa (Canada)
Edmonton (Canada)
Minneapolis (USA)
San Diego (USA) Seattle (USA) Yarra (Australia)

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