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20's Plenty for Little Berkhamsted

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

Little Berkhamsted is a small village located in beautiful countryside near the county town of Hertford. Unfortunately, because there are so few major routes East to West across the county, Little Berkhamsted is one of a number of villages on a route linking towns such as Cheshunt and Broxbourne with Hatfield and Welwyn Garden City. Now everyone is using Sat Navs we get a large volume of traffic through the village all day and much of it is in a hurry! Throughout the first two lockdowns our village suddenly became a quieter and safer place to live. We were able to walk along the roads (which don’t have pavements) with young children and dogs and felt safe enough to venture out as families on bikes. When lockdown ended we realised what we had been missing and decided to set up our own 20’s Plenty Campaign.

It is now widely acknowledged that the 30mph speed limit is too fast for people and vehicles to mix safely. In Little Berkhamsted residents overwhelmingly support 20mph as being the speed they want to see as the upper limit for drivers as they pass along our roads. Little Berkhamsted Parish Council has now backed the 20’s Plenty Campaign and provided funds for a leaflet drop, wheelie bin stickers and large banners. When you arrive in Little Berkhamsted it is very clear the speed villagers want to see the traffic travelling at! Since the banners have gone up, nearby Epping Green and Newgate Street Village – both also on the ‘rat run’ – have started their own 20’s Plenty campaigns. Neighbouring Bayford is another village also campaigning for safer, cleaner and healthier roads. We love our Hertfordshire villages and they are a magnet for ramblers, cyclists and horse riders. The car is not ‘king’ and everyone should be able to enjoy living and in, and exploring, them safely.

Penny Stokes, 20's Plenty for Little Berkhamsted

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